Wiedenbach is a Domino Group Company. As part of ongoing business development and reorganisation, you can no longer buy Wiedenbach branded products on this website.  

For all new product enquiries please go to  

www.domino-printing.com or contact phone-number  

+49 (0) 7731 79911-0.  


Current customers who own Wiedenbach products should direct all enquiries about servicing and support to  WTS.industrial@wiedenbach.com.  

Domino will continue to meet all spares and consumables supply commitments in accordance with Wiedenbach’s agreements with customers.


Your Environment

Your business prints on cables and wires as part of the cable cutting process. Your customers expect you to provide continuously higher print quality, lower costs and just-in-time delivery. All of this in the context of continuously changing requirements with regard to materials to be printed on and the corresponding flexibility.

Your Marking

Smaller texts in different font locations (e.g. chimney font): numbers and letters.

Your Products

Different lines made of PVC, PE and other materials with diameters from 0.8 mm (AWG 20).

Your Requirements
  • High-contrast print in easy-to-read text quality throughout the cable cutting process

  • Standard-compliant, positioned printing at high speeds

  • Printer integration within cutting systems

  • Special fonts for high speed and different text positions

Our Solution
  • Inks in a large colour range

  • Speed matrix, cable routing

  • A wide variety of integration levels with cable processing facilities

  • Special software for integration, software protocols and specialty printers

  • Connections to various well-known manufacturers

Our products for your requirements

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