Wiedenbach is a Domino Group Company. As part of ongoing business development and reorganisation, you can no longer buy Wiedenbach branded products on this website.  

For all new product enquiries please go to  

www.domino-printing.com or contact phone-number  

+49 (0) 7731 79911-0.  


Current customers who own Wiedenbach products should direct all enquiries about servicing and support to  WTS.industrial@wiedenbach.com.  

Domino will continue to meet all spares and consumables supply commitments in accordance with Wiedenbach’s agreements with customers.


Your Environment

Your company manufactures a wide variety of materials on which information needs to be printed. Your customers expect punctual, fast and inexpensive, high-quality deliveries.

Your Marking

Any type of colour coding, symbols and logos, and other variable and flexible markings.

Your Products

All products made ​​of metal, plastic, textile, glass and paper.

Your Requirement
    • High speed of production
    • Very easy-to-read and light-fast printing in different colours
    • Very good adhesion and contrast
    • Very good writing quality (matrix) and smallest font sizes
    • Networking and integration
    • Positioned printing

Our Solution
    • High-speed printing on portal and axle systems
    • Wide range of inks for a wide spectrum of requirements (colour diversity, compliance with standards, environment) and for a wide range of materials
    • Special software for many different applications (e.g. as meter marking)
      in the industrial sector
    • Market-oriented accessories

Our products for your requirements

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